Our Values

With us, the human being is always the main focus. Therefore, we treat our employees and our guests in a fair and friendly manner. It has become natural for us to help where we can and to cater to your every need.

Ecological construction, organic farming and energy-efficiency means a lot to us and therefore we want to share those principles with you. Wherever possible during the renovation, we have tried to preserve the old structures and historic character of our listed Kossätenhof. For instance, we have restored the old window openings in the facade of the house and have removed concrete lintels. We have commissioned new wooden windows modeled after historical elements still existing in certain parts of the building. Also in the outbuildings, the old door and window openings have been preserved. In the interior, we have used natural and ecological materials and opted for an eco-friendly cellulose insulation.

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With our energy concept, we aim to support a sustainable treatment of the environment. We consciously avoid paper towels in the sanitary areas. A thermal solar system heats the water and relieves our eco-friendly pellet heating system. Our photovoltaic facility produces clean electricity to be used by the farm. Surpluses are fed into the grid. If we require further electricity, we obtain it from a green energy supplier.

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For our breakfast or in our coffee garden, we use homemade products from our cottage garden or other organic products. When selecting products for our farm shop, we pay particular attention to regional origin, preferably from the immediate vicinity. For such decisions, we use our “common sense”. Thus, honey from our local beekeeper Dieter Hoppe from Flecken Zechlin is more valuable to us than organic honey from South America. We know the beekeeper and know how he treats his bee colonies. This way, we aim to avoid long transport routes.


In the same way, we intend to avoid packaging where possible. Where packaging is needed, we use environmentally friendly and biodegradable material, for example in our farm shop or for our organic vegetable boxes. We only use bio-degradable cleaning products or products that have as little impact as possible on the environment.

It is important to us that we constantly improve our practices, as we all live and learn. Therefore, we always welcome your constructive criticism.

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